1-power supply

Power Supplies

Thyristor controlled power Supplies ranging from 6 kilowatts up to 1 megawatt.
Designed for industrial environments and power centers.
Natural cooling without fans.
From 6 kilowatts to 1 megawatt.

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Switch mode Power Supplies

Designed for installation in industrial environments
Designed with shared N + redundancy based on parallel units in HOT SWAP technology.
Batteries and circuit breakers can be integrated in the cabinet.

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Modular UPS Systems

Based on HOT SWAP removable units during operation.
Each module includes a battery charger, static inverter and electronic bypass.

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Valve regulated SLA Industrial Batteries

Up to 20 years design life.
Designed with front terminals for space saving and easy maintenance.
Dedicated battery room is not required.

AC/DC, DC/AC Inverters and DC/DC Converters

Designed for installation in 19 “enclosures using the HOT SWAP method. Electronic/bypass can be combined with DC/AC converters.

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Flooded Industrial Batteries

Up to 20 years design life.
Built into transparent containers to enable visual inspection.