About Us

Laor Energy was founded in 1993. The company’s areas of expertise are the design, manufacturing, supply, installation and support of backup systems and conversion of electrical energy, from a single component level to complete solutions. The company is active in all market segments and its customers include companies from defense, communications, manufacturing and health industries.

Laor Energy is approved to Standard / AS9100D-ISO 9001 in all areas of its activity and in addition the company is approved by the environmental authorities in everything related to storage, transportation and installation of battery and dangerous materials.

Laor’s headquarters is located in Kadima in the center of Israel’s hi-tec companies. Its factory and service department for Israel’s northern area are located in the Tziporit Industrial Park in the Galilee.

Company Values

Laor strives to provide technical and economical solutions at the highest level and to be fully in-step with our customers’ needs. Our uncompromising quality control system follows all relevant criteria and industry standards. We employ a highly skilled work force that receives training at the highest professional level.

Laor Energy’s recruitment and management of personnel is in accordance with the State of Israel’s labor laws, without discrimination and without bias, maintaining a proper and respectful relationship at every level.



The founding of Laor Energy; initial production was for the local market providing DC and AC back-up systems together with their associated batteries.


Laor Energy becomes a leading supplier in Israel in the field of tele-communications. The company wins its first significant project, supplying over 2,000 electrical backup systems and service to Israel’s prime telecommunications provider’s sites.

The company expanded its activities with competitive tele-communications companies, including Pelephone, Partner, Net Vision, MD-2, Med Nautilus, Bezeq and Bezeq International among others, and became the primary provider to the communications market field in Israel.


Laor Energy was certified to the ISO 9001 standard and became an approved supplier to Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

Parallel to the increased activity in the communications industry, the company is expanded its activity to the defense market. Customers included the Ministry of Defense, included Elbit, Israel Militarty Industries (IMI), IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industry), Rafael and more.

Among the company’s products supplied to the defense market were power systems, outfitting of control shelters, energy pallets, solar sites, and supply of complementary products such as batteries, electronic filters, lighting, sensors, etc.

The company established its production plant in the Gallilee and becomes a dedicated representative of the Benning Group.

In response to the increase in the company’s activity in the security field, the company is expanded its quality control and engineering system in the mechanical and electrical fields.


Due to a fruitful relationship over the years, Benning Group decides to transition from a supplier to an active partner in Laor Energy.


In response to the increase in the company’s activities, and the need to expand its production and test facilities, Laor Energy moved its production plant from Upper Nazareth to the Tziporit Industrial Park, which is associated with Nazareth.


As part of the continued increase in Laor Energy’s activity in the military-security field, Laor Energy upgrades its certification by the Israel Standards Institute in the field of quality control to ISO9001-2015 / AS9100D, which includes in addition to the ground, sea, and air, space engineering and manufacturing.

Quality Control

In addition to its certification in accordance with ISO9001-2015 and AS9100-D quality standards, our employees undergo training and certification in accordance with IPC standards in matters of work and safety procedures by quality control and safety agencies and when required by our clients.

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