Design and production of integrated systems for the supply of AC and/or DC electrical power at critical sites

Laor Energy is a multi-disciplined integrator of AC and DC Electrical Power Systems for critical loads. The company was founded in 1993 by its general manger Uri Caspi, who built upon his experience at Israel’s leading UPS supplier for over 25 years where he served in design and application engineering, and service manager.

In 2005 Laor Energy  became a part of Benning Group, an international leading German company in the field of electrical power conversion and back-up systems.

The company rapidly became Israel’s leading manufacturer of integrated power systems for telecom, solar, medical, transportation, agricultural, and C3 military applications together with leading overseas associated suppliers of batteries, generators, stabilization transformers and associated electrical systems building blocks in Israel, Germany, Turkey, France, England and America.

At the end of 2020 Laor Energy employed more than 10 engineering and system design specialists, and had a manufacturing and system’s assembly manufacturing plant employing more than 30 workers.

The following pages of this site show and explain some of the major systems planned, integrated and supported by our company and affiliates.

Areas of Operation

Design and Production Under One Roof is Key to Success

Laor Energy offers its customers complete solutions under one roof from the design stage through production to delivery and follow-on technical support.

The production stage is preceded by our in-house engineering after consultation with the customer to understand and define their unique needs. Follow-on design, design review and procurement are undertaken prior to production, inspections and acceptance testing often performed with the with customer representatives prior to the delivery and installation of the equipment.

Laor’s 2400 square meters production (>24,000 sq. ft.) facility is a modern plant built specifically to provide for assembly and test of integrated electrical systems. The site includes means for production, environmentally managed storerooms for batteries, production and quality control, and final unit and system load tests.

The manpower entrusted with production is a skilled labor force with the relevant knowledge and experience to successfully complete the required tasks. Periodic training inside and outside the company ensures that the production and tests are carried out and documented in a professional state of the art manner and with maximum safety.


Laor Energy’s experience includes the design and manufacture of turnkey mobile and stationary electrical integrated power systems with both autonomous and/or utility supplied prime power for command, control and communication (C3) systems. Human engineering considerations meant the shelters were suited to the needs of their operators, which meant including air conditioning, filtration, rest, sanitation and nourishment facilities.

In addition to the engineering and outfitting of the shelters Laor also responsible for the supply and installation of the sites auxiliary support generators, EMC filters, line voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, external lighting, perimeter monitoring systems. air filters and fire extinguishing systems.


UPS, Rectifier and Inverter Systems with battery back-up:

Laor has turnkey single and or modular system solutions to supply the critical loads of industrial factories and electrical power stations and substations.

The modular systems utilize rectifiers and inverters employing SiC, GaN, and IGBT components that have been responsible for a 4th generation of solid-state power and motor control equipment superseding the power revolutions made by silicon transistors, SCRs and Mosfets. The new components have enabled today’s higher efficiency, lighter and smaller sized power equipment that enable the evolutionary configuration of redundant high reliability, readily maintainable (Hot-swap power supplies and inverters), over a full range of applications. When space is not a critical factor and for dusty environments, natural convection systems can be offered.


Power Supplies and Inverters

Communication power systems supply the loads of AC and DC systems and charge and monitor their backup batteries.

The power supplies and inverters are HOT SWAP. They are installed into trays 19” racks and they are configured for parallel redundancy and current sharing.

Long life and minimum servicing are provided by using temperature controlled fans.

Renewable Energy and Generators

Integrated Hybrid Solar Systems

Laor has designed, produced, and installed numerable solar energy systems including the associated batteries, battery chargers and AC or DC generators, with controllers to select the source of energy supply with priority for solar energy.

A unique generator that operates in a variable speed/constant magnetic field mode provides fuel savings and extremely low acoustic noise.